Why would I have an Auction?

    • An auction is proven to be the quickest, most effective method to liquidate all types of merchandise and turn it into cash.
    • You do not take a risk of establishing a price too high or low when you sell your property at an auction.  Open and competitive bidding establishes fair market value.
    • A potential Buyer cannot try to negotiate a lower price with the Seller. The Auctioneer controls the selling environment  The Auctioneer will sell my property at the highest price a Buyer is willing to pay.
    • Your property sells publicly, openly and competitively.  No one gets the opportunity to purchase ahead of time for less than another Buyer would pay.  An auction brings the highest price a person will pay. Items will sell to the Buyer who is willing to pay the highest price.
    • An auction is a fast, effective way to sell property.  Your property will sell on the desired date. You don't have to sit around and wait for a Buyer.
    • An auction encourages Buyers to buy now.  Buyers know they must bid now or they will lose the opportunity to buy an item.
    • Auctions create excitement that encourages each Buyer to bid "just one more time".  A skilled Auctioneer and Staff create excitement that motivates Buyers to keep bidding.
    • You won't have to do the work:  sort, clean out, set-up, tag/price or advertise.
    • You won't have to figure out how / when / where / how much to advertise.
    • When the auction is over, you're not left with all the small "junk" that is left over after other types of "sales".
    • Auctions are a lot of fun!!!

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